ENL Styria/Austria


First Saturday Ingress Graz 05.10.2019

#IngressFS Unser erster First Saturday ist vorbei. 35 Agents ( 20 ENL and 15 RES ) haben die geforderten 5000 AP gemacht trotz grosser Server problem an diesem Samstag. Im Schnitt ~42000 AP pro Agents  mach zusammen 1464747 AP. Noch ein paar andere Stats Diese Agents habe bereits: Summe von OPR_Agreements 22569 Summe von Lifetime_AP 3.263.510.138 Summe von Distance_Walked 142.934 … Read More

Field Test Site Application: 2019-09-14

A Field Test event involves testing new experimental scenarios using the NIA scanner. These will not be massively coordinated Faction vs Faction competitions, but instead will focus more on individual or small group actions. To apply to host a Field Test in your city, you should be willing to choose and gather agents together to a starting portal in your … Read More