Field Test Site Application: 2019-09-14

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A Field Test event involves testing new experimental scenarios using the NIA scanner. These will not be massively coordinated Faction vs Faction competitions, but instead will focus more on individual or small group actions.

To apply to host a Field Test in your city, you should be willing to choose and gather agents together to a starting portal in your city, somewhere that agents can comfortably gather for up to 30 minutes. We will prioritize applications which have both a RES and ENL leader.

The 2019-09-14 Field Test is expected to take somewhere between 60 and 180 minutes. Agents will be performing individual competitions on various metrics and will benefit from being level 8 or above (though it is not required). Agents should come prepared to move, and will receive their instructions at the start of the event.

Applications for the 2019-09-14 Field Test sites must be received by August 12th, 11:59PM UTC. Field Test sites will be selected by August 19th.

Today we applied for Graz

RES Leader Agent Name *

ENL Leader Agent Name *

Gathering Portal Intel Link *
This should be the portal for agents to gather at, and should be a direct portal link from (the url will have ‘pll’ within it, pointing to the portal coordinates),15.441841&z=17&pll=47.068324,15.441841

Suggested Playbox Area Map Link (optional)
Having a Google Map ( with a suggested playbox polygon is optional, but can help your application. Optimal playbox size for this is around 2km diameter (1km radius).

Graz with its historic city center and plenty of cultural offers is a great place to visit – inside and outside of Ingress.
We are no strangers to cross-faction events either. Among others the city has hosted:
* A 13Magnus XM anomaly
* A visit of former community manager Anne Beuttenmüller with a cross-faction field art
* A mission day (in cooperation with the local tourism office)
* An NL1331 meetup
* A cross-faction marriage accompanied by a field art

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